APNA Accountant

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Introduction APNA Accountant

APNA Accountant is a double entry accounting system in both English and Urdu languages. APNA Accountant is standard non-customizable software. APNA Accountant is for people who have their business and want to know that how much cash they will receive form the other parties or how much they will pay to other parties This software also tell them about there profit and loss by just one click their mouse button. With more then 40 reports, this software can provide all the necessary information to its user. This software also automatically keeps the backup of your records to avoid data loss. In case of system crash data can be restored from these backups. APNA Accountant is available everywhere for on a very reasonable price. It has series of following software's:
  • GL (General Ledger)
    Double entry Accounting System
  • SB (Small Business)
    Accounting and inventory control for all trades
  • SI (Small Industry)
    Account inventory and Manufacturing control System
  • DS (Departmental Store)
    Software for controlling the departmental store system